Posted 2 days ago

That is one sparse throne room.

Ever since this comic, I’ve been pondering expanding the Sensible Adventurer concept into it’s own thing.  Here are the results of my experiments.

Of course, the movie Dragonheart said it best: "Honour won’t feed my belly nor shoe my horse."

For more Working For Free shenanigans, I recommend For Exposure.

And yes, the King’s design may have been partially inspired by The Monarch. Try to imagine his dialogue in the voice for full effect.

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'nuff said, really.

Apply to the controversy of your choice.

Posted 1 month ago

It’s been years since I last Catan’d, so that’s my excuse for any and all factual inaccuracies of how the game actually works.

(board game war story incoming)

This is based on that one time I tried hoarding all the wheat, only to lose when the other players realised they could easily win by building the Longest Road (no Wheat required!), and refused to trade with me, leaving me with a stockpile of completely useless wheat, and nothing to do but obnoxiously roleplay my status and situation.

The mental image of a self-declared Wheat King, crouched atop his overflowing silo like a vulture guarding a rotting carcass, muttering paranoid fantasies through crooked teeth, has remained with me to this day.

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When it comes to Sherlock Holmes related stuff, I can be the worst kind of opinionated fanboy, and should not be taken seriously.

Finally got most of my drawing settings sorted out on my shiny new computer. I left the pen settings at default though - the above is a bit of an experiment with heavier lines.

I’ve also been experimenting with a demo of Manga Studio 5. Haven’t formed a proper opinion yet - still groping around with it like a drowning man. I can see its potential, but haven’t yet figured out how to make it work for me.

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Another (pseudo)comic that’s somewhat ripped from real life. Exaggerated for comedic effect.

Only did this as a quickie as I’m still getting all my arts stuff set up on the shiny new machine - all my old layout templates and settings and stuff still needs to be extracted from m y (mostly) dead desktop.

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The good/bad thing about the whole Indie Games Thing is that even my creaking, groaning computer can run some of the more recent titles on the Steam sale (which finished yesterday - really should figure out a faster drawing workflow if I’m going to try topical humour).

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I suppose this comic is technically spoilers, but not really.

This was written and mostly drawn before the finale.  The big moment wasn’t quite as epic as I’d hoped, but still worth it.  

And now I’ve discovered that Stannis is, in fact, a Praying Mantis.

In FACT, I said.

EDIT: Added credit for Panel 3.  Ripped from real life, it was!

Posted 3 months ago

Sometimes I remember that this comic should occasionally have a topic vaguely associated with its title.

I’m actually kinda intrigued with Tyranny of Dragons.  Previous editions have always been a bit stingy in the giant elemental lizard department (even Dragonlance had them mostly serving as mounts for humanoid baddies), so making fighting the things a major part of the story should hopefully be a Good Thing.

As for the 5th edition itself, I subscribe to the Dungeon Bastard school of thought regarding Edition Wars: 

Oh, and for any uninitiated, they’re playing Watch_Dogs.

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The Mountain and the Viper by AnotherMark

Felt the fanart urge again.

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And now, back to our regularly scheduled comic.  Hah, “regularly scheduled”.

Heroine’s Quest is a cool game.  Very much in the vein of classic Quest For Glory, complete with the skill-grinding and terrible puns.

I was sorely tempted to swap out the generic “Switch to Communism” for “Join an anarcho syndicalist commune”.