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I’m pretty sure there’s a comedy rule that says just because something actually happened to you in Real Life (tm) doesn’t make it funny.  Once again, I’m doing my best to break the rules.

So at one point a girl was living in the flat immediately above mine.  Every place in this building has the same floorplan, meaning her bedroom was immediately above mine as well.  

Whenever she had company of an intimate nature, she would make her enthusiasm very clearly known (continuously, and for the duration), through full-throated yodelling vocalisations. 

All that was missing was alpine horn accompaniment.  Though on certain nights, there was some lederhosen-style slapping, and one time some kind of machine was employed, which added a touch of vibrato to the performance.

The building has been a lot quieter since she moved out, but never quite the same.  So this is my little tribute to you, Nocturnal Yodeller - may you experience as much joy in the rest of your life as in your evenings.

(Another rule is Don’t Explain the Joke.  Such a rebel, I am.)

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This one took forever, for various reasons, hence the placeholder title.  

Anyway, here are the translations for the last comic if you’re curious:

Ma istal quet’ Eldarin?: Can you speak Quenya (aka high Elvish)?

Lasto beth lammen! : listen to the word of my tongue (in Sindarin, aka slightly lower Elvish)

Hash yer asti k’athijilari? : Are you speaking truthfully? (Dothraki)

Me nem nesa : It is known. (Dothraki, duh)

Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu! : Axes of the Dwarves! The Dwarves are upon you! (Khuzdul aka Dwarven)

Drem Yol Lok : Greetings (literally ‘peace fire sky’ - Dovah aka Dragonspeak)

Ven Aak Hin: Wind Guide Your (not quite “Wind Guide You”, the parting catchphrase of the Greybeards - Dovah aka Dragonspeak).

Posted 3 weeks ago

Hey look, the New Character has a name now!

This was mostly an excuse to namedrop a lot of Constructed Languages. FOR NO RAISIN.

Want to know what everyone’s saying?  I’ll save the translations until next update, so y’all get a chance to try decrypting it for yourself - it’s a challenge!

Also, I experimented with a sketchier art style in this’un, with the theory that it could look a bit more naturalistic and let me get these done quicker.  Not sure about it just yet.

Panahedan, folks!

Posted 1 month ago

Meeting and Greeting

I’ve been dragging my feet on updates for the last little while - I was sick the other week and fell out of the zone.  But, now I’ve got at least one more of these in the pipe that should be ready to go up SOONER THAN YOU EXPECT.

Posted 2 months ago

I remembered that the characters occasionally play RPGs, and that they treat them seriously, but in a completely ridiculous way… so, just like in real life.  Though you can tell this isn’t a real gaming session because no-one’s quoted Monty Python yet.

PRO TIP: image-searching “maggot close-up” is awful. Any entomologists expecting scientific accuracy in this comic are going to be sorely disappointed.

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Making comics out of recycled artwork and old Simpsons punchlines strung together.  What have I reduced myself to?

Simpsons quotes are often a great communication tool - they give total strangers a common point of reference.  

Unfortunately I couldn’t work in a reference to “more testicles means more iron”.

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Leticia may never have been a fan of compulsory voting, but she is a fan of weirdly attractive photos of government figures.  

As always, no actual political opinions are intended here: I just remembered that I’d set up a story last year and needed to resolve it.  Hence the rushed style.  Art (semi) unplugged, yo!

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Nitpicking is always fun, but I did really enjoy Desolation of Smaug, with its scene-stealing elves, three-way fight scenes/barrel waterslides, grubby pseudo-medieval police states and all.  

It’s been a while since I properly read the book, but considering that (my memory of) the text’s version of the climax involves Bilbo sneaking into Smaug’s lair, indulging in some petty theft, trash-talking the beast until he’s good and pissed off, and then once he’s flown away to terrorise Laketown, have the Dwarves come in and heroically loot the hoard, you can understand why you’d want something a bit more visually climactic for the big screen.

That said, needed more Beorn.  

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First post of 2014, yo!

When I started making this one, I didn’t know if New Year Resolutionaries really were a thing or not in gyms.  Turns out they are.  Nice to know that the always pleasant learn2play or GTFO noob attitude can extend beyond gaming.

Also, Aerobics Goth Style would be a great show.  

And yes, Gazz is drinking XXXX.  Because he’s a Queenslander.  Don’t judge him.

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Here’s some totally unrelated arts, yo.

Gelda the Minotaur Battlemind by AnotherMark